Do you hear yourself saying this?
  • Keep your head down
  • You are over the top
  • Too strong of a grip
  • Only using your arms
Do you know what it means?
  • I can help you
  • Golf lessons will improve your game
  • You will learn to enjoy golf
  • You will learn to correct your swing
Swing with Confidence

First Hole in One!!!
"Thank you for your guidance and professional Advice" D.T
Playing Golf
"Thank you for your help, I am enjoying my rounds" G.F.

...success stories

First Hole....what do I do?

Many thoughts go through your mind. " Keep my head down", "Don't come over the top", Is my grip too strong or is it too weak", " Don't lead with the arms", etc.... As if the game of golf was not hard enough already, now all these thoughts have the potential to ruin your game as well. But only if you do not have the Golf Game Essentials. The golf essentials are simply the fundamentals of golf.
Master the golf essentials and you will eliminate these golf thoughts and soon will be playing with confidence. The golf lessons will concentrate on your swing's strengths and weaknesses. Golf lessons are an essential part of the game of golf.
You can spend countless hours at the driving range practicing your habits that are only keeping you from fully enjoying the game of golf. Get to know your swing.
Without someone guiding you or pointing out your strengths and weaknesses, you can very easily be worsening your game. With golf game essentials, you can drastically improve your game. I can help you. Call me and together, we can fix your game.
The golf instructions will concentrate around your natural swing. Most of my lessons take place at the cedar park driving range but I can travel to Austin or Leander.